Information about our club

From beginnings as the Christies Beach branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA the need for an all breeds club was very apparent. On 12th July 1966 a committee of nine  held their first meeting and The SDKODC was established.

Training Times

Classes run on Sunday mornings starting at 9am until 12pm as well as Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm. Dogs that have gained their trained dog certificate and show training can also attend on Thursday night from 7pm to 8pm.

Calendar of events

During the year the club runs a number of events, such as obedience trials, agility trials, Rally trials and a Championship Show and there are also some days that we do not train.

Our Club

Entirely run by volunteers, the Southern Districts Kennel and Obedience Dog Club Inc. will teach you by the world’s best practice, to train your dog to become a well mannered, happy, appreciated and accepted member of your family and an animal that is easily acceptable in the wider community.

We will teach you how to have your dog:
Walk quietly by your side without tugging on the lead
Sit quietly whilst being patted
Behave in the company of other dogs
Come promptly when called
Obey your commands immediately

Dog training is continual. There are no semesters, and you and your dog may begin training at any time between the first Sunday in February and the last Sunday in November.
Remember though, we do not train your dog, we teach you to train your dog.

You train at your own speed. How fast your dog learns will depend entirely on how much effort you put into training your dog. Your Instructor will appraise your dog’s progress every six weeks and if you have worked well with your dog and are following the instructor’s directions, your dog will “go up a grade” (this is termed “Graduation”) until they graduate from Grade 4 with a TRAINED DOG CERTIFICATE.

You may train ANY dog of ANY age. It is never too late to start training a dog, although the younger a dog is, the easier it is to train. Cross-bred dogs are just as welcome as thoroughbred dogs but we do have a club rule that children under the age of twelve will not be allowed to train or handle a dog whilst on the clubs premises.

Person 1


Titles and certificates are awarded after the dog successfully qualifies three times at each level and these titles are then added to the dog’s name.

Person 2


Rally  is conducted in a ring with the handler following a numbered sequence of signs depicting the exercise required to be performed at each station.

Person 3


Agility is fun sport for dogs and handlers to get fit together.  Dogs are required to negotiate an obstacle course through hoops, tunnels, weaving poles, A frames, dog walks, see-saws and jumps.

Person 4

Social Grade 5

Fun class for handlers and dogs that do not wish to trial competitively.

Training Events

Some sample pictures from our club and various events

Pic 01

Wednesday night training at SDK&ODC

Lovely winter evening at our club. Grade 4 showing off what they have learnt over the last few week.

Pic 02

Rally Trial

The objective of Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational sport for both Handler and dog that demonstrates competency in basic Obedience exercises without the precision of the formal Obedience Classes.