Club Fees

Costs to train your dog

New Single Joining Fee                   $25
New Single Membership Fee        $25
Total                                                        $50

New Double Joining Fee                 $25
New Double Membership Fee        $30
Total                                                        $55

New Family Joining Fee                  $25
New Family Membership Fee        $35
Total                                                         $60

New Pensioner/Disabiity Or Junior   Single Joining Fee      $25
New Pensioner/Disabiity Or Junior   Single Membership    $12
Total                                                                                                       $37

New Pensioner/Disability Or Junior   Double Joining Fee     $25
New Pensioner/Disability Or Junior  Double Membership    $17
Total                                                                                                           $42

Single Membership        $25
Double Membership        $30
Family Membership        $35
Pensioner/Disability Or Junior   Single Membership    $12
Pensioner/Disability Or Junior   Double Membership    $17

Lessons - $2 (to be handed to your Instructor)

Please bring your Dog's Vaccination Certificate when joining or renewing.
Puppies should wait two weeks after their final vaccination (or as advised by your vet) before attending training.

No appointment is necessary to join the club. Simply come to the club 30 minutes before training on either Sunday morning (training starts at 9am) or Wednesday evening (training starts at 7pm) to fill out the paperwork. Don't forget to bring some of their favourite treats, which will assist with training.

If you have an older dog, previously trained dog and are not sure which grade to go in or have any other questions, please ask at the office for our head trainer who will assess your dog and answer any questions you may have..

The Club is run entirely by volunteers and is non=profit.

The membership form is available here