About Us

Some history and information about our club

About Us

From beginnings as the Christies Beach branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA the need for an all breeds club was very apparent. On 12th July 1966 a committee of nine  held their first meeting and The SDKODC was established.

All breeds classes commenced at 11.00am on Sunday 17th July 1966 and were held at John Bice Memorial Oval, Christies Beach.

Membership was Single $2.00 Double $3.00 Junior $0.50 and the joining fee was $0.50. 

There were a couple of moves before the club ended up at the present location on Wilfred Taylor Reserve . There has also been many changes over the past 45+ years but one thing has stayed the same the club has always been run by a dedicated group of volunteers. From the instructors out on the field guiding your training, the office ladies who keep the paperwork in control, the canteen and BBQ helpers who quench your thirst or fill your belly, the dog shop guy keeping the right equipment for your dog and the  tireless committee who work behind the scenes. All these hard working people do it all for the benefit of the club, its members and the love of dogs.

We have members 80+ years young and juniors under 18, all with the same goal, train the family dog to become an acceptable member of the family and wider community.

From Chihuahua to Great Dane we do not turn away any breed.  Then once a trained dog certificate has been achieved it’s still not the end of the time you can have at the club. For those who wish to go further with their buddy we offer trialing classes in both Obedience and Agility, or there is a Social Class that’s always looking to do something new. Or maybe you would like to be one of those helpers mentioned earlier.